Minister says that the country needs young people who think of solutions that can be applied at any latitude

Mindelo, November 16, 2022 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Culture and Creative Industries said in Mindelo that Cape Verde needs young people who look at the country as it exists and think of solutions that can be applied at any latitude.

According to Abraão Vicente, who was speaking on Tuesday night, 15, at the closing act of the presentation by Unitek – Unitel T+ Innovation Laboratory, Cape Verde needs projects that are “utopian enough to be useful”.

That is why, he sustained, “failure must be part of the corporate culture in the sense that failure does not lead to depression and the bankruptcy of companies and the bankruptcy of the idea of being an entrepreneur”.

“I hope it’s the business culture of this new project [Unitek] (…) to make young people assume that failing is part of the process. We need to fail more in Cape Verde and we need civil society to understand that failing is part of the growth process,” he declared.



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