Minister of the Sea says Cabo Verde Interilhas will have to take responsibility for the possible leave of Polaris from the group

Praia, Sept 7 (Inforpress) – The Minister of the Sea said Tuesday that Cabo Verde Interilhas will have to afford all losses and damage if there is any disruption in the movement between the islands caused by the leave of Polaris from Cabo Verde Interilhas.

Abraão Vicente made these statements in Ribeira Grande de Santiago, when urged to comment on the announcement of the Polaris company to leave the capital of Cabo Verde Interilhas (CVI), after it returned the “Interilhas” ship to the shipping Polaris company for being “too old”.

“Formally, Polaris is still a shareholder of Cabo Verde Interilhas. It expressed the desire to leave a few months ago, right at the beginning when I was able to take over the Ministry of the Sea.

The Government, said Abraão Vicente, “did not give the green light” to Cabo Verde Interilhas’ new plan to remove this ship while the Dona Tututa ship was not in line.



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