Minister of Justice classifies the work on professional training in prisons as essential

Praia, Sep 18 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Justice today expressed concern about the increase in the prison population in the country’s jails, which stands at 2,100 inmates, with an incidence of crime among young people, and considered it essential to work on professional training in jails.

Joana Rosa said that work is being done to occupy young people in prisons in order to prepare them for their social reintegration, and that in addition to the projects already developed with religious organisations and denominations, the Ministry of Justice is going to develop handicrafts, agriculture and cattle breeding inside prisons, focused on the rehabilitation of prisoners.

She expressed this concern during the opening ceremony of National Prisoners’ Week, which took place at Praia Civil Prison in São Martinho, the country’s largest prison, where she said it was necessary to do a lot of work to reduce the number of prisoners.

“The Occupation in prison is fundamental for the recovery of prisoners,” she emphasised, pointing out to the inmates that their presence in prisons “is costly for the state”, which is “obliged to invest in the security and individual protection of each one”.



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