Minister of Education defends bet on national resources as a basis for the country’s development and sustainability

Praia, Jun 26 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Education suggested, despite not neglecting human resources, that the Education policy, a sector considered as the basis for the country’s development and sustainability, should focus on the exploitation of the great national resources.

Maritza Rosabal made this suggestion in the speech of the opening session of the debate Thursday by videoconference on the theme “Education and Professional Training of Excellence  for 2030”, in the scope of the preparations for the “Cabo Verde: Ambition 2030” Forum, taking place in Praia on the 25th and 26th.

“For Cabo Verde, where education is the basis for the development and sustainability of the country, the entire system of fundamental education, higher education, must focus on the exploitation of the country’s great resources,” he said.

For the minister responsible for the Education sector, despite talking a lot about human resources, the country should also focus on the sea, one of the archipelago’s great resources, knowing it and making better use of this natural resource.



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