Mindelo Carnival makers “marveled” with a acetate machine and by this reason they ask for a similar

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dec 6 (Inforpress) – The São Vicente Carnival makers, who visited this Thursday two workshops of Rio de Janeiro’s samba schools, were “marveled” by the facilities the acetate machine offers and everyone already asks for this equipment.

Valdir Brito, member of the Monte Sossego Carnival group, for example, said it was a “tremendously valuable” tool, since when you need to replicate the same piece several times you only make the mold and the machine replicates it as many as you want “with incredible quality”.

The concept of the equipment, which costs a little over a million contos, which uses the acetate or an appropriate rubber with raw material, is very simple, that is, it is an oven that softens the material, that sticks to the mold and the vacuum gives shape to it.

Contrary to the practice in São Vicente, according to Valdir Brito, where this equipment does not exist yet, in which the same piece is made several times, which requires “a lot of human resources and time” to perform, and with the raw material, sometimes “much more expensive”.

“Here in Rio de Janeiro they have this feature that they resort to performing wing pieces and sculptures for the floats, which leaves them far ahead and gives them the advantage of thinking about other aspects of the parade, instead of wasting time performing the same piece over and over,” said the same. Therefore, Valdir Brito considered that such a machine would be a “huge advance” within the range of needs that the São Vicente Carnival has.


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