Mayor of Ribeira Grande (Santiago) underlines the importance of Cidade Velha in the Jubilee Decade

Praia, 30 Jan. (Inforpress) – The opening of the Jubilee Decade of the 500th anniversary of the Diocese of Santiago, in Ribeira Grande, is referred to by the mayor of this municipality as a historic milestone for the municipality, as it enhances the municipality’s festivals.

Speaking to the press, the mayor of Ribeira Grande, Nelson Moreira, as the host municipality for this ceremony, underlined the fact that the ceremony takes place in the month dedicated to the municipality that hosts the cradle of Cape Verde and coincides with the activities of the Holy Name of Jesus.

“It remains for us to thank all the people and faithful who went there to celebrate this feast with us. The balance is positive, taking into account that even our festival ran as civilly as possible. We have been doing various sporting activities, such as the race Corrida ao Berço and cultural activities, such as the Book Fair, handicrafts and agricultural products”, he explained.

He said that these events allowed the municipality to recover some economic dynamics, maintaining, on the other hand, that the municipality will meet with religious and government authorities, in order to promote religious tourism in this jubilee decade, to take the maximum advantage of religious tourism.



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