Maria Morais and Jailsa Andrade among the more than 30 Cabo Verdean candidates on the lists for the June 11 elections in Luxembourg

Lisbon,  June 6th  (Inforpress) – Maria Morais and Jailsa Andrade are part of a group of more than 30 Cabo Verdean candidates that are on the lists for the communal (municipal) elections to be held on June 11 in Luxembourg.

The two Cabo Verdean women showed themselves to be “happy” with the invitation to be part of the list of the communes where they live and guarantee that, if they win, they will work mainly in the area of integration.

The painter with a degree in Communication Design, Maria Morais, born in Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão island, told Inforpress that she left Cabo Verde at the age of 23 to do her degree course, but that in 2007, when she was invited to an exhibition in Luxembourg, she liked it and ended up staying, where she also raised her family.

“I received the invitation from the president of my commune, Sandweiler, which I was not expecting, but I accepted because I believe it happened because of the work I have been doing in Luxembourg and also in Cabo Verde. I am confident that we will win and I feel that I can give my contribution in the area of Integration and Artistic Culture,” said the painter candidate for councillor.



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