Manguieditora collects signatures for the officialization of Creole

Praia, Aug 17 (Inforpress) – The Manguieditora presented an open letter by the artists to collect signatures aimed at the officialization of Creole in order to preserve the oral tradition that is a historical legacy, announced today the promoter of the initiative N’Gosi Nelly.

N’Gosi Nelly, who was speaking this morning in the City of Praia during a press conference, revealed that the idea is to collect 500 signatures and officially present to policy makers later this year.

According to the promoter of the initiative, Cabo Verde is at a “linguistic crossroads” due to the need for the consolidation of linguistic policy and there is a trend for the loss of Creole varieties in Cabo Verde.

He said that at this time they are working to promote new writers as well as to valuing the mother tongue, and the officialization is embodied in the Constitution of the Republic and it will be up to the State to create the conditions for its full officialization in parity with the Portuguese language.

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