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Maio: Weightlifting Association makes “positive balance” of first participation in the national championship

Porto Inglês, Apr 14  (Inforpress) – The president of theWeightlifting Association in the island of Maio, Alberto Monteiro, said Wednesday  the balance of the first participation in the Cabo Verde Championship “is positive”, taking into account the results achieved. 

As I said, participation in that event “exceeded expectations”, taking into account they managed to get the first place at the level plus 84 kilograms, in which the athlete Andreia Gonçalves was the best, which gave them a “greater motivation” to continue with this practice in the island and convince more women to practice the sport. 

That responsible also said that in the male category, the island also made a “good representation”, having stayed in the top places, as are the cases of Ildo Tavares, who reached the second place in the category plus 75 kilograms, and Sidney Djone  Santos, who achieved equal classification, but in the category of 66 kilograms. 

“For all these results, we consider that our participation, the first, was positive, because we did not even know who we would face, but fortunately we achieved our goals”, said Alberto Monteiro, stressing  now they will bet on other competitions during the summer, among them the “strong man”, to determine a representative from the island in the national championship in this modality.



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