Maio: Sea turtles can transmit bacteria to humans – study reveals

Porto Inglês, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – A study conducted by the Maio Biodiversidade Foundation (FMB) and published in an international journal points out that sea turtles can transmit to humans a type of bacterium “highly contagious” in case of meat consumption.

This disclosure was made to Inforpress by the Maio Biodiversidade Foundation scientific coordinator, Juan Martinez Patino, stating that over the last few years, the NGO has been conducting several studies on the island of Maio, with emphasis on environmental issues, and they are published in both national and international journals.

According to the person responsible for conducting scientific studies, the FMB conducted a study in which there is a type of bacteria in turtles, “highly contagious and resistant to antibiotics” that can affect humans and even cause death, if they consume the meat of the carreta-carreta turtle species.

“We have recorded in the study that the carreta-carreta turtles which choose the beaches of the island have by luck few bacteria, compared to what happens in the Mediterranean, but they are highly resistant to antibiotics. So there is a high risk of contamination to humans if they come into contact with or consume turtle meat.”



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