Maio: PAICV (political party) says Maienses are “not believing” in the start of the Little Africa Maio project

Porto Inglês, (city on the Island of Maio) May 4 (Inforpress) – The deputy of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV), Edson Alves, considered that the people of Mai are “totally in disbelief” regarding the start of the “Little Africa Maio”, later this year, taking into account the successive postponements.

Speaking to Inforpress, the president of the Regional Political Commission began by emphasising the expectations created, both by local and central authorities, and also by the promoter himself, that the island would receive the biggest private project in the tourism sector “ever” presented in Cabo Verde, which would therefore bring another boost to the island’s development in all sectors.

In fact, he recalled that at the beginning of the presentation of the referred project they said that a new Dubai would be born in Africa, but that, after four years, this intention still has not managed to get off the ground, which, in his view, is causing “disbelief total” of the people of Maio, especially the young, regarding the development of the island. “That’s why many are leaving the island,” he added.

Edson Alves stressed, on the other hand, that the central government and the local authorities had stated that all the conditions had already been met, leaving only the diligences on the part of the promoter Henrique Banuellos, so that the works could start. But after all that time, “everything remains the same, meanwhile the island’s economy is decreasing more and more”, he said.



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