Maio Opposition says that festivities to celebrate the Municipality Day   regress every year

Porto Inglês, Aug 27 (Inforpress) – The PAICV’s political coordinator in Maio Island, Fernando Frederico, said that in recent years the Municipality Day festivities has been “regressing” in the organizational capacity of cultural and recreational activities.

At a press conference, the MP elected by the lists of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV, opposition party) said he is “adding his voice” to the young people who are coming visiting the island, emigrants on holiday and also by the resident population, who has expressed in the social networks “their displeasure” about the activities program announced by the City Hall, commemorating the Municipality Day and patron saint, celebrated on  September 8.

According to that party leader on the island, there was a “certain expectation” among people regarding the presentation of the Municipality Day activities, especially regarding the beach rotcha  festival program, considering that last year it was performed only one day because of bad weather conditions.

“Taking into account we are in the summer and celebrating the township celebration, young people are calling for activities to be created that please everyone,” said the same source, underlining that they “miss the radio square activities” and others which were held on the avenue, as well as the cultural fairs, which “gave opportunities to local groups” and also “allow possible exchanges” between batucadeiras from Maio and Santiago.



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