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Maio: Maio Biodiversidade Foundation sets goal of protecting 50.000 nests of sea turtles before campaign ends

Porto Inglês, Oct 19 (Inforpress) – The Maio Biodiversidade Foundation (FMB) has announced the registration of about 45.000 nests of sea turtles, when it is almost a few days from the end of the protection campaign, but the goal is to reach the figure of 50.000 nests.

This intention was revealed to Inforpress by the coordinator of the FMB patrol, Jairson Cabral, who assured it was a possible goal, taking into account the pace of activity is still taking place so far, although he admitted that, due to financial constraints, they are practically conducting only daytime surveying activities on the beaches to account for the number of departures occurred during the night.

This year, the NGO said it had a record number of nests, never before accounted for, noting that due to the intensity of the activities the team on the ground proved almost insufficient to respond to all activities, that is why there has been an increase in catch”, he pointed out

“So far, we have recorded about 200 catches of sea turtles, which we consider to be an amazing number for us, but due to the lack of Government support for the issue of sea turtle protection, we feel difficulties in achieving our work. However, we are not guaranteeing that this was the reason for all this, because we managed to guarantee three months of protection campaign”, he stressed.



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