Maio Island: Farmers receive aid from MAA in the fight against corn-caterpillar


Porto Inglês, Aug 18 (Inforpress) – The Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) in Maio is on the ground helping farmers after detecting the corn-caterpillar pest in irrigated areas in the areas of Alcatraz, Figueira Garça and Monte Vermelho.

The MAA delegate on the Maio Island, Tereza Tavares, assured that the areas most affected by the corn-caterpillar on the island are those of Alcatraz, Figueira Garça and Monte Vermelho, so the delegation’s technicians are already in the ground to pass on to farmers the procedures to be taken, as well as information on the natural biological and chemical products that can be used to combat that pest.

Tereza Tavares also said that there are several products to combat this pest that attacks the corn crop throughout the growth process, flowering and fortification, some natural and simpler, chemical and more harmful to the environment.

The MAA’s delegate added that the technicians are advising farmers to tear off the feet of corn that are already in an advanced state of damage and also to use the methods of “biological and chemical combat”.





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