Maio: Farmers “happy” with rain but ask for support from the Ministry of Agriculture

Porto Inglês, Sep 15 (Inforpress) – Farmers from Maio expressed their “happiness” at the last rains on the island this weekend, which filled all the water retention dikes, but they ask for government support to start the new crop.

The farmers states that they have not seen the retention dikes with so much rainwater for many years, which, as they said, will contribute to the strengthening of groundwater and, consequently, increase the flow of water in the wells.

The farmer Ricardino Andrade expressed “contentment” to see the dikes, especially those on the agricultural perimeter of Monte Vermelho, the place where he works, completely filled with water, something he only saw in 2011, when the island registered high rainfall intensity.

According to Ricardino Andrade, the feeling at the moment is of “great joy” because they had been waiting for this “blessing” for a long time, remembering that thanks to the water provided by the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, he and other colleagues were able to continue to practice this profession for the past five years.

However, that farmer took the opportunity to urge the authorities to pay more attention to the agriculture sector, which has been experiencing “immense difficulties” in recent years, stressing that it is necessary to create a credit line, so that farmers can access and, thus, start the new harvest with “more tranquility”.


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