Maio: Farmers from Monte Vermelho for a month without water for irrigation due to failure in the pumping system

Porto Inglês, Apr 24 (Inforpress) – Farmers in the agricultural area of ​​Monte Vermelho say they are “disgusted” with the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment due to the delay, almost a month ago, in repairing the borehole that supplies the site by four years.

Farmers have sought Inforpress to express “revolt” because they believe there has been “lack of will” on the part of the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment on the island to resolve a technical issue in the water pumping system of the borehole, which is coming dragging about a month ago.

According to farmer Ricardino Andrade, the situation at this moment is becoming “unbearable”, since they have almost lost all the plantation, the result of a great investment  they had made to take advantage of this season they consider of “high”, but that due to this problem they have not been able to irrigate their plants for about a month.

For this farmer, if it were a problem related to water scarcity, they could understand, since the island has not received rain for more than two years, but, as he said, has the information the borehole still has a flow of enough water to supply the perimeter “without problem”.



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