Maio: EU Ambassador considers that the island needs to promote itself as a tourist destination of excellence

Porto Inglês, May 30 (Inforpress) – The European Union (EU) ambassador in Cabo Verde, Carla Grijó, considered that the island has all the conditions to be a tourist destination of excellence, but that it still needs to promote itself among the issuing countries of tourists.

According to Grijó, the island of Maio is “well on its way” in its development process and noted that the institution she represents has been an “active” partner in this process for some time, pointing as an example to participation in the co-financing of the port on the island of Maio, along with the ADB.

To Inforpress, the EU ambassador also stressed that the island needs to promote itself as a tourist destination of excellence, taking into account all the potential that exists in the country. In this regard she said that both the local and central authorities should focus on a strong communication plan aimed at travel agencies in the countries that send the most tourists to the country.

However, she advocated that the island should invest in more sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism, taking into account that it is part of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve and also due to its size and some weaknesses. However, she suggested that the entities responsible for publicizing and promoting the island should encourage investors to invest in the island within the standards that were drawn up for the island.



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