Maio: City Hall plans to provide the Sanitation sector with trucks and hundreds of waste containers

Porto Inglês, Jan 5 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Maio plans to invest around 3 million escudos during the year 2021, in the sanitation sector, with the acquisition of garbage collection trucks and hundreds of waste containers, with a view to improving this service.

According to the Mayor of Maio, Miguel Rosa, in the framework of the partnership agreement between Cabo Verde and the European Union, in the amount of 17 billion escudos, 6 billion will be destined to the island of Maio, during the year 2021, so the City Hall intends to channel half of this amount to the Sanitation sector, mainly for the collection and treatment of solid waste.

According to the mayor, with this amount, the City Hall plans to acquire garbage collection trucks, as well as hundreds of waste containers, and the construction of a sanitary landfill is also planned in the list of investments, which in his opinion will allow the improvement the quality of services provision in this sector.

“We expect to have here, at the beginning of the year, the signing of agreements with the various entities and the partners involved”, he underlined, informing that the other part will be destined to the empowerment and training of the population, both in terms of professional training and reinforcement of the island’s traditional economic activities, preparing for its preparation for the tourism market expected to the Maio in the near future.



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