Maio: City Hall holds workshop on training, innovation and youth entrepreneurship projects

Porto Inglês, Aug 6 (Inforpress) – The City Hall promotes, from today until Friday, a workshop on training projects, innovation and youth entrepreneurship, aimed at Maio students who have already completed the 12th grade.

To Inforpress, the councilor responsible for youth, Queita Santos, explained that this initiative aims to inform young people about the vocational training offers in the country, as well as the ways for application and access to scholarships for this level of education.

During this workshop, the City Hall counts on the participation of institutions such as IEFP, CERMI, NOSI, Pro-Empresa, as well as the Employment and Training Promotion Fund and Arquitel and Fornofer, institutions that will present their projects in order to inform young people about opportunities to enter vocational training.

“If we want to reduce the departure of our young people to other islands or even abroad looking for training we have to work on vocational training, which will also contribute to reducing youth unemployment,” he said.



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