Maio Biodiversity Foundation wants to introduce new technologies in sea turtle data collection

Porto Inglês, Sep 4 (Inforpress) – The Maio Biodiversity Foundation (FMB) intends to introduce next year the use of new technologies for sea turtle data collection and to be the first NGO to use this tool, a way to simplify the jobs.

Speaking to Inforpress, Juan Martinez, head of the foundation’s scientific studies, said that each year FMB has been developing cooperation programs with the University of Cabo Verde and Europe, which have made it possible to carry out studies and research at several levels.

“At the moment, data is being collected on paper, which requires a lot of time and risk of damage, so we want, for the first time worldwide, to develop software, in collaboration with the University of Aveiro”, stated the responsible, who hopes that in December it will be possible to have a first model to test and for next year will be a reality after the tests.

As he advanced, several studies are currently being carried out, but he highlighted as one of the examples the development of software in partnership with the University of Aveiro, which will allow technicians tools to collect data “quickly and securely and to be shared online, and without errors ”.



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