Maio Biodiversidade Foundation makes “positive balance” of sea turtle protection campaign

Porto Inglês, Oct 23 (Inforpress) – The Maio Biodiversidade Foundation (FMB) today made a “positive assessment” of the sea turtle protection campaign, in 2019, in which it registered a “significant reduction” of the catch, totaling seven thousand and five hundred registered nests.

Speaking to Inforpress, the coordinator of the sea turtle protection campaign patrol, Leno dos Passos, said that this year the nesting record was in a figure they had been waiting for, after recording last year an amount he considered “out of the ordinary” , taking into account the number of nests “exceeded all expectations”.

Leno Dos Passos added that although the protection season is over, they will continue with the team leaders on the ground to carry out the census in the beaches.

He noted as “one of the big gains” of this year’s campaign the decrease in turtle catching. “Last year we recorded around 55 turtle catches, but this year we recorded only 19 catches, thanks to the work done by the patrol teams but also due to to the impact of the new law, because we feel that people are more aware on this,” he said.



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