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Local Elections: Political parties are unanimous that there will only be an imbalance if women are not on the lists for Councillor Body and AM

Praia, Jun 15 (Inforpress) – Women representatives of the PAICV, MpD and UCID disagree with ICIEG’s position regarding people heading the list of candidates for local elections, admitting that the “imbalance” would only exist if it did not have women in the Councillor Body and in Municipal Assembly (AM).

The Cabo Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG) called in a statement published on the internet to respect the spirit of the Parity Law and correct “gender imbalances” in politics in Cabo Verde.

ICIEG reacted to the fact that of the 22 candidates officially announced by the Movement for Democracy (MpD-ruling party) to the next local elections so far, all are men. This situation leads the institution to conclude that “women were left out the list”, as we read, a situation makes the president of ICIEG, Rosana Almeida, “dissatisfied with the political signal given”.

Speaking to Inforpress, the president of the PAICV Women’s Federation (opposition party), Eva Ortet, states that the Parity Law is for the list and not for people heading the list of candidates.



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