Local Elections 2020 / Brava: PAICV CPR asks the mayor to comply with the law and the Electoral Code

Nova Sintra, Sep 9 (Inforpress) – The PAICV’s Regional Political Commission (opposition party) in Brava asked the mayor and candidate, Francisco Tavares, to comply with the law and the Electoral Code, alleging some non-compliance.

Speaking to Inforpress, PAICV CPR President Carlos Costa underlined that although the Electoral Code prohibits approval or granting of grants, donations, sponsorships and contributions to individuals, the mayor has distributed bags of cement and using public money to make donations to private individuals.

On September 4, the PAICV CPR had already lodged a complaint with the National Elections Commission (CNE) delegate about such practices and in response, the mayor Francisco Tavares stressed that the City Hall’s works would not stop due to the elections.

However, PAICV’s CPR reacted to the decision announced by Francisco Tavares, accusing the City Hall in previous years of “not having any support programme for families with cement and the Rehabilitation and Accessibility Programme (PRRA) does not offer bags of cement” .



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