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Literature: José Vicente Lopes presents today a book addressing the issue of hunger in Cabo Verde

Praia, Nov 18 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean writer and journalist José Vicente Lopes presents today in the City of Praia his eighth work in the field of history, entitled “Cabo Verde – Um corpo que se recusa a morrer – 70 anos de fome, 1949-2019”.

Speaking to Inforpress, José Vicente Lopes began by explaining that the book focuses on the issue of hunger in Cabo Verde and how it was addressed, firstly, until 1949 and, secondly, from 1949 until the nowadays.

“And why 1949? Because 1949 was the year in which the so-called assistance disaster happened in Praia. It was this disaster that led the Portuguese authorities at the time to address the food issue in a different way from the one they had been addressing up until that point”, he highlighted.

Until then, the hunger crises in Cabo Verde were seen almost with “a certain normality”, but from 1949 onwards, with the entry of other factors, namely the emergence of the United Nations (UN ), Portugal awoke to an old problem in Cabo Verde and, in a way, could already have been resolved, but due a lack of political will, or administrative negligence, this issue was allowed to drag on until 1949.



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