Literature: Carlos Filipe Gonçalves launches today “Bá dal na Rádio – Memorias da Rádio Barlavento” in Praia

Praia, Feb 3 (Inforpress) – The book “Bá dal na Rádio – Memórias da Rádio Barlavento” by journalist Carlos Filipe Gonçalves will be launched today, at Livraria Pedro Cardoso, in Praia.

In this book, Carlos Gonçalves, who started working at Rádio Barlavento at the age of 16, recounts his memories and the memories and experience of several people who worked on the radio, based on interviews and investigations.

Still, in this work, the author describes the social context of that time and traces the historical path that culminates in the assault and closure of that radio and the Grémio Recreativo Mindelo in 1974.

“A settling of accounts in a struggle of latent classes since the beginning of the 20th century ended with the nationalization of the media and a monopoly or dominant situation of the State that still prevails” is read in the synopsis.

“Bá dal na Rádio”, as he said in statements to Inforpress, originated from a “joke” in the media in São Vicente right after the radio was taken, ie the closure of Rádio Barlavento.

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