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Linguist disagrees with the idea that creole variants make it difficult to standardize the Cabo Verdean language

Praia, Jun 11 (Inforpress) – Linguist and university professor Karina Moreira said Thursday that when talking about the standardization of the ‘Creole language’ there are many questions raised that can be said to be false, such as the issue of variants.

“All languages in the world have variants. It is not because a language has many variants it no longer has a standard”, defended the linguist in statements to the press after the delivery of the petition for the change of Cabo verdean linguistic policy to the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, in the Government Palace.

In her argument, Karina Moreira exemplified that the Portuguese also has variants, from the north, in the center, from the south, but even so, they have a standard, which serves essentially to define how to write.

“And the variants we have of Creole are more equal between them than different, so much so we all understand each other if each one talks about his/her variant. So this is not an impediment,” he added. 

Regarding the petition, which already has more than 200 subscribers, this spokesperson explains that it is an initiative came out from a group of linguists who study the Creole language and also the teaching of Portuguese in Cabo Verde.



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