Lecturer points to the need  to take measures to increase Cabo Verde’s resilience

Praia, Sep 30 (Inforpress) – The lecturer José Maria Veiga points to the need to take measures to increase and develop more resilient mechanisms and Cabo Verde’s adaptability to external threats and constraints.

José Maria Veiga made these statements in remarks to the press this Saturday before giving the conference entitled “Cabo Verde: Resilience of a Small Island Developing State”, pointing out that the archipelago as an island country faces various economic, financial, economic and environmental vulnerabilities.

However, over the past 15 years, he recalled, the archipelago has been able to make “important steps,” noting “colossal progress” in state-building, nation-building, and staff training in different areas to nullify the issue of its size and isolation.

And in order to increase Cabo Verde’s resilience, he argued, measures must be taken to address the challenges affecting the country, because, he said, if measures are not taken globally, there will be several linked factors that will condition its development.



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