XIII MPD Convention kicks off under the slogan “Revision of the statutes”

City of Praia, 25 May. (Inforpress) – The XIII National Convention (MpD), the first post-congress that re-elected Ulisses Correia e Silva as the president of the party that supports the government, started this Thursday night, in the National Assembly, with the revision of the Statutes in the center of attention.

Under the motto “For the MpD, for the country”, the president of the Movement for Democracy (MpD) told the press that the revision of the statutes will create a mechanism to reinforce the organization of this political force at different levels, namely local, regional and diaspora, as well as strengthening the organization of the party as a system.

“The statutes introduce innovative mechanisms and proposals. The Strategy Motion is also an MpD-oriented motion, in accordance with the great moments we are experiencing in the world today. The world is not the same today as it was in the 90s, nor is Cabo l Verde the same. The world is not the same as the 2000s, at least in its principles, and neither is Cabo Verde”, he stressed.

In this perspective, he stated that “the party has to be in line with these changes”, in a society that he considers to be much more demanding and that scrutinises politicians on a daily basis, highlighting that the phenomenon of social networks has introduced positive issues, along with many negative ones, to the point where the manipulation of information has become uncontrollable.



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