Municipality Day: “Brava” brand presented to the public through Renda Brava products Nova Sintra, Jun 24 (Inforpress) – The first collection by Renda Brava products project, which represents the Brava brand, was presented to the citizens of Brava, in an exhibition organized by CNAD and the City Hall, in Nova Sintra. At the inauguration, the director of the National Center for Art, Crafts and Design (CNAD), Irlando Ferreira, showed that the exhibition and the brand represent the achievement of a “very great” challenge, because working from São Vicente to Brava, through digital means, “is completely different” than when working in person. As he pointed out, since 2018, when the project began, they were already aware that it would be a challenge, but the motivation of the creatives, both designers and the hand-embroidered made by women, made the CNAD and everyone involved bet everything was possible so that the project could get to what it is today. According to this official, the hand-embroidered made by women in Brava no longer exists for several years, and the CNAD wanted with the project to bring hand-embroidered made by women that had identity and symbology with this island, explaining the care the team had in carrying out the work. MC / AA / HVF Inforpress
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Municipality Day: “Brava” brand presented to the public through Renda Brava products
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Kriol Jazz Festival integrates first edition of the “Culturas 360”  ‘online’ festival

Praia, Mar 16 (Inforpress) –  The Kriol Jazz Festival, through the artist Jenifer  Solidade, is part ofthe first edition of “Culturas 360 –  Music is everywhere”  ‘online’ festival, a  collective bringing together, from March 27 to 28 , nine festivals from five different continents.

The information was provided today to Inforpress  by producer José da Silva, known as  Djô  da Silva, who explained that due the impossibility of performing physically because of the pandemic, the most respected music festivals, from the most varied corners of the world came together and in online format, they gave birth to “Culturas 360”.

“The idea came from Sunfest Canada after several meetings with representatives from other prestigious festivals and each festival was left with a responsibility (…) and we have been preparing for this day for four months,” he said.

Representing the Kriol  Jazz Festival, which is already in its 11th edition and which for two consecutive years has been postponed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, will be the artist from Mindelo, who works for several years with the producer Harmonia,  Jenifer  Solidade.

The artist chose the Sal island ocean as the scenery to record her participation in this ‘online’ festival that will last three hours per day.



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