Justice in Cabo Verde has operated “with independence and decision-making freedom of judges” – president of the CSMJ

Praia, 19 Sep (Inforpress) – The president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSMJ) considered today that Justice in the country works “with independence and decision-making freedom of judges” and that in the judicial year 2022/23 there were 14 thousand cases, an increase of 5.2%.

Bernardino Delgado released this data to the press after delivering the Report on the Situation of Justice in Cabo Verde to the president of the National Assembly, Austelino Correia, in which he highlighted the “peak” increase in the number of cases filed in this judicial year 2022/ 23, above 14 thousand.

“It represents an increase in terms of procedural entry in the order of 5.2 percent (%)”, he explained, highlighting that in global terms 24,442 cases were processed, of which 13,291 were decided, a figure estimated at more than 50%, the which, for Bernardino Delgado, symbolizes a positive balance.

Even so, the judge clarified that in terms of the number of cases filed when compared this year with the number of cases decided, it results in a lower number of cases admitted, which reflects into “a slight increase in pending cases, but this is due to the reduction of the number of judges”.



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