JPAI’s President defends “fundamental role” of young people in the development of São Nicolau

Ribeira Brava, Nov 5 (Inforpress) – The JPAI’s president, Fidel de Pina, said today that the challenges are imposed on everyone in São Nicolau demand an analysis and “active” and “fundamental” participation of the island’s youth in the construction of alternatives.

Fidel de Pina made these statements to Inforpress at the end of the second three-day visit he is making to São Nicolau and ends this Monday, 5th.

The Youth leader of the African Party for the Independence of Cabo Verde (JPAI) said that unemployment and lack of training opportunities were reiterated “several times” during the meetings.

“The young people say that for this reason there is no other way out if they do not seek a better life in Sal Island or abroad”, said Fidel de Pina, for whom “it will be important for young people to be active and participative” in economic, social and political life of the island, “denouncing the constraints” that prevent their development and “claiming the necessary public investments” and a “positive discrimination policy” to keep young people in the municipality.



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