JPAI urgently calls on a government entity to take responsibility for Youth


Pedra Badejo, Aug 14 (Inforpress) – The president of the Youth Party of the Cabo Verdean Independence Party (JPAI), Fidel Cardoso de Pina, defended Saturday that in a possible government remodeling the Government should create an entity that is responsible for Youth .

At the moment, according to the youth leader, several youth associations do not know where to go to claim or complain about the problems that youth has been experiencing, because in this legislature there is no specific ministry for this layer.

Lately, he said, “unemployment has increased and this has increased crime and insecurity in the country,” so he calls for more attention to youth.

“The country can not go forward if we do not have an entity that is responsible. The youth of the PAICV urgently requests the Government to create a governmental entity to be in charge of youth and from there we can be able to solve various problems, “he claimed.




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