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José Tomaz Veiga launches book “The Revolutionary National ‘Democracy’ “

Praia, Mar 24 (Inforpress) – The author of the book “The Revolutionary National ‘Democracy’ – The PAIGC/CV Totalitarian Project, Cabo Verde 1975-1990”, José  Tomáz  Veiga, was released this Tuesday aiming to base the “said democracy existed at that time”.

The message was transmitted Tuesday to the media, by the author himself, on the sidelines of the book presentation, which took place in the National Library, in the City of Praia.

As the author explained, this book will help clarify the democracy existing in the period from 1975 to 1990 which has been “obsclarecido (not clear)” and will contribute to help better understand the reality of that time.

José Tomaz Veiga assured that at that time there were five elements that characterized a totalitarian regime phenomenon, namely the single party, the transformation of the single party into official State ideology, the social nationalization of the media, the political police and the nationalization of the economy.



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