Jorge Santos foresees the resumption of the Pan-African Parliament at the end of January

Praia, Jan 21 (Inforpress) – The interim President of the Republic, Jorge Santos, envisaged Thursday, towards the end of January, the resumption of the functioning of the Pan-African Parliament, highlighting the importance that this body has in defending the interests of the continent.

Jorge Santos made this intervention to the press, outside the visit of the president of the Pan-African Parliament, Roger Nkodo Dang, with a view to discussing issues related to the functioning of the institution, which intends to hold a virtual plenary session to analyze its internal situation.

On the occasion, Jorge Santos said it was an “important meeting”, in which he has fought together for the affirmation of the Pan-African Parliament and also for its transformation into a “useful and engaged parliament” with the entire process of development on the African continent.

As he pointed out, since March 2020, with the events of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, there have been some difficulties in terms of the face-to-face functioning of the Pan-African Parliament, so it is necessary to get the parliament to work using the existing media.


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