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Island of Maio: Agricultural year continues with different perspectives among the island’s non-irrigated farmland farmers

Porto Inglês, Sep 16 (Inforpress) – The scenario of the agricultural year in the Island of Maio continues to be different with farmers in the central region claiming to be hopeful “in a good agricultural year” while those in the north say the scenario is a bit “discouraging”.

Speaking to Inforpress, farmer and livestock farmer Arlindo Morreira Borges, who lives in Morrinho, said the population in the village is hopeful in a good agricultural year, especially with last rains, which bafhotred some villages of the island in recent days.

That farmer and livestock farmer expressed his satisfaction at seeing the whole land covered in green, something that was not seen on the island for several years, because according to reported the rain from early August allowed the growth of white straw and not only, considered very nutritious for animals, which redoubles the satisfaction of countrymen and women from the central region of the island.

However, Arlindo Morreira Borges, was concerned about the proliferation of locusts in agricultural plots, as well as the caterpillar of the corn cartridge has attacked the plantations and ask for a “redoubled” campaign by the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in the island, since, according to that farmer, if they attack the plantations can jeopardize the agricultural year in the island.



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