International Missing Children’s Day: ACRIDES wants greater presence of social services in communities

Praia, May 25 (Inforpress) – The president of the Association of Disadvantaged Children (ACRIDES) today called for a “stronger” policy with the presence of social services in communities, aiming at the protection of Cabo Verdean children.

Lourença Tavares made this appeal in statement to Inforpress, on the occasion of the International Missing Children’s Day, which is observed today, and in order to remind the national authorities about the missing children in the country.

“In this country, there is still no work close to the community, with social technicians and psychologists, to help children and families,” she stressed, stating on the other hand, that Cabo Verde has no policy in terms of response aimed at families in these cases.

The country has a lack of social service, the one that social workers and psychologists do in partnership, to reach the most vulnerable families, providing support. In the past, she reminded Inforpress, there was this service that went to the community and it was not the needy who went after these services to ask for support.



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