International Federation of Journalists highlights importance of unionism in class defense

Praia, Dec 7 (Inforpress) – The director of the Africa Section of the International Federation of Journalists (FIJ), Louis Thomasi, highlighted the importance of unionism in defending class interests, aiming at greater organization and a better working environment.

Louis Thomasi made this intervention on Saturday at Inforpress, outside the training workshop for young media professionals on digital unionism, sponsored by FIJ.

As he pointed out, this training is basically to include young journalists in the FIJ, explain its meaning and explain how the organization can defend its rights.

“It is necessary because we all saw what happened during the pandemic, many journalists lost their jobs and it is the FIJ that fights for the rights to be fulfilled, so it is necessary to raise the awareness among journalists to this cause”, he stressed.

On the other hand, he highlighted the digital era as an indispensable tool in the exercise of new journalism, for whom the function cannot be performed without the digital platform, the Internet or the computer.



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