“Intellectual property rights are crucial in adding value to products”, president of IGQPI

Praia, 25 May (Inforpress) – The president of  IGQPI`s   Board of director , Ana Spencer, said today in Praia that intellectual property rights are crucial in adding value to products and enhancing human relations.

The president of the Institute for Quality Management and Intellectual Property (IGQPI) was speaking at the opening session of the workshop on “Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)” which, as she said, marks the beginning of a series of information and raising awareness, whose purpose is the implementation of “structural and strategic projects” for the promotion and development of science, technology and innovation considered “priority sectors” in Cabo Verde.

As he praised, Cabo Verde’s adherence to the relevant treaties in the matter is linked to “the orientation of the political letter of intellectual property” and aligned with the 2030 agenda of the Government program and the Sustainable Development Plan defined for the next five years.

For it, in an economy focused on knowledge, know-how, creativity and innovation, intellectual property rights become crucial in adding value to companies’ products and services, as well as, he added, in the protection and enhancement of relationships human beings, of cultural identity.



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