Institute for Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical Accidents conducts survey of poultry and livestock breeders

Mindelo, Jul 26 (Inforpress) – The Institute for the Prevention and Investigation of Aeronautical and Maritime Accidents (IPIAAM) begins, this Tuesday, in the vicinity of Nelson Mandela International Airport, in Praia, a survey to poultry and livestock farmers.

In a statement sent to Inforpress, the institute explains that the survey to poultry and livestock farmers aims to better address the problem of the presence of animal life at airports, by the danger it poses to air operations (bird strike collisions) and endangering human life.

According to the same document, the action, which covers several areas surrounding the Praia international airport, “intends to survey to poultry and livestock farmers and identify existing and predominant species, as well as to know the conditions under which these activities are carried out”.

This is “to understand the possible solutions to be adopted and their willingness to collaborate with the institutions”.

The Institute also states that the Bird Safe action plan, outlined by the interinstitutional working group, provides for a year-long development and implementing a series of activities to raise awareness among the population and institutions about incident prevention, promote behavioural change and enable the consolidation of operational security.


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