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INSP points out “gradual decrease” in blood donors with repercussions on public health

Praia, Jun 14 (Inforpress) – The administrator of the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), Júlio Rodrigues, today pointed out a “gradual decrease” in the number of blood donors in Cabo Verde, with implications for public health.

The person responsible spoke at the seminar opening on “The importance of blood donation”, promoted by the INSP in partnership with the National Transfusion Security Program, to celebrate the World Blood Donor Day, which is celebrated today under the theme “Give blood and keep the world beating”.

One moment to recognize and congratulate blood donors for their “noble gesture”, which contributes to saving lives and strengthening the national health system and health development as a whole, but also to strengthen information and awareness on the importance of donation, he said.

“Many people are afraid to donate blood because they have doubts because it can probably complicate their life and their health or because they do not know the procedures. So bringing together partners is also a way of clarifying, taking questions and drawing attention to the importance of this gesture so noble that it is blood donation”, he explained



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