Inforpress journalist challenges students to “break the chain of fake news”

Praia, Feb 13 (Inforpress) – Inforpress journalist Geremias Furtado challenged students to break the chain of fake news, considering that the challenge of new technologies requires a reflection on the redefinition of the media today.

Geremias Furtado spoke in a statement to Inforpress, within the scope of his participation in a lecture on journalism in the digital era, where he will address the issue of the impact of fake news, in an event promoted by the Ministry of Education, to students of the 12th grade from different schools in the city of Praia, to mark the World Radio Day celebrated today.

He highlighted the importance of the celebration of World Radio Day, this taking into account the role that it has played in the development of societies since its emergence. In his opinion, the emergence of new technologies challenges digital media to reflect on their redefinition today.

“Radio has to be reinvented, to follow new paths. I think it takes a lot more than adapting content turned to the internet, ”he said, considering that this measure would make it possible for young people, who listen little to the radio and spend more time on the internet, to enjoy more the magic of radio.



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