Municipality Day: “Brava” brand presented to the public through Renda Brava products Nova Sintra, Jun 24 (Inforpress) – The first collection by Renda Brava products project, which represents the Brava brand, was presented to the citizens of Brava, in an exhibition organized by CNAD and the City Hall, in Nova Sintra. At the inauguration, the director of the National Center for Art, Crafts and Design (CNAD), Irlando Ferreira, showed that the exhibition and the brand represent the achievement of a “very great” challenge, because working from São Vicente to Brava, through digital means, “is completely different” than when working in person. As he pointed out, since 2018, when the project began, they were already aware that it would be a challenge, but the motivation of the creatives, both designers and the hand-embroidered made by women, made the CNAD and everyone involved bet everything was possible so that the project could get to what it is today. According to this official, the hand-embroidered made by women in Brava no longer exists for several years, and the CNAD wanted with the project to bring hand-embroidered made by women that had identity and symbology with this island, explaining the care the team had in carrying out the work. MC / AA / HVF Inforpress
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Municipality Day: “Brava” brand presented to the public through Renda Brava products
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Inforpress distinguished by the coverage of environmental promotion activities in Cabo Verde

Praia, Jun 6 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean News Agency (Inforpress) was distinguished this Sunday by the Association for the Defense of Environment and Development (ADAD) for the way it has collaborated in the journalistic coverage of activities for promotion and preservation of the environment in the country.

This information was announced by the ADAD’s representative, in statements to Inforpress, on the margins of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, held today morning, in the Command of the 3rd Military Region of Praia.

According to this responsible, in addition to Inforpress, TV Record Cabo Verde was also awarded a recognition award for the way these two bodies have worked on the dissemination of activities, with a view to preserving and conserving the environment in Cabo Verde.

“Inforpress and TV Record Cabo Verde for having collaborated in the coverage and dissemination of the activities not only held by ADAD, but also of other associations working for the environment, all the media collaborated, but we wanted to distinguish these two bodies which from our point of view collaborated more”, he said.



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