Ilha Brava: Economic operators “disappointed” with ARFA’s “requirements”

Nova Sintra, Oct 25 (Inforpress) – António de Pina, representing merchants from Brava, approached Inforpress to express their “disappointed” given the ARFA’s “requirements” made by the technicians in the island, which “do not occur in any other part of the country”.

According to the merchant, also known as Tó Demol, such demands are not made on any other island, especially Fogo and Santiago, where he said he noticed “worse situations”.

“They went so far as to burn 42 sacks of 50 kilograms of rice in a poor island like Brava because they do not think that pork can eat rice with weevil, knowing that the Pharmaceutical and Food Products Regulatory Agency (ARFA) itself markets this type of rice for animal consumption at Praia,” Tó said.

According to Tó, they burnt sugar bags because they were transported in trucks, boxes of chicken because they are in a freezer, because according to the technicians can not be in contact with the ice, among other products lying outside.



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