Human factor was at the origin of the Serra Malagueta accident in which eight soldiers died – report

Praia, May 25 (Inforpress) – The loss of control of the vehicle by the driver, due to the breakage of the gearshift lever, was the direct cause of the accident that claimed the lives of eight soldiers participating in the firefight in the Sierra Malagueta.

The conclusion is contained in the report of the investigation process carried out by a multisectoral team to determine the causes of the accident and made known today at a press conference by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Rear Admiral António Duarte Monteiro.

According to him, the investigation carried out by an external entity advanced on three fundamental aspects, namely the human (person), material (vehicle) and environmental (road) factor, in addition to the testimonies collected from the soldiers who survived the accident.

The report points out that after analyzing all the facts and evidence collected during the investigation process, including the technical expertise and testimonies of the interviewees, it is concluded that the direct cause of the accident is the loss of control of the vehicle by the driver, following the lever having broken, associated with an incorrect situational assessment that resulted in the decision to crash the truck into the rock combined with the lack of evidence of the use of the brakes.



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