Health DN ensures that the safety of patients evacuated from Fogo has been adequately safeguarded


Praia, June 7 (Inforpress) – The National Directorate of Health (DNS) assured Tuesday that the safety of the five injured patients evacuated from the Fogo Island to Praia City was safeguarded according to their care needs.

Antonio Moreira, who spoke on behalf of the DNS, explained at the press conference this afternoon that among the victims of the accidents on Friday and Saturday, on the Fogo Island, some of them needed intensive care and others were in a less serious state, according to the health professionals of the Francisco de Assis Regional Hospital.

Through the clinical situation described and in a joint agreement between the Ministry of Health, the Fogo Hospital, the Binter carrier and the Civil Aviation Agency (AAC), conditions were created for the “safe” transport of patients, first, three on Monday, 5, by sea, and then both, by aircraft on Tuesday morning, taking into account the less serious situation and “always safeguarding the safety of patients.”

“The other two patients were evaluated and found in a much more critical situation and demanding more care, with the need to stabilize the patients before evacuation, which happened later by plane,” he explained, indicating that the five patients are already in the Agostinho Neto Hospital (HAN) of Praia.



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