Head of State praises prestige and credibility of the Armed Forces of Cape Verde

Praia, 11 Jan. (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic stressed that the Armed Forces have made a contribution to greater security in the country and that they have a great responsibility to maintain this prestige in order to remain recognized as one of the most credible institutions in Cape Verde.

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, José Maria Neves recognized “the commitment, dedication and patriotism, as well as the capacity for resilience and the deep love of the Armed Forces for the country”, arguing that, despite all the constraints and difficulties, there is an effort to dignify the Armed Forces in Cape Verde.

He praised the highly praiseworthy references to Cape Verde’s participation in different military exercises carried out, noting that they symbolize the prestige of this military institution, and hoped that the FA would continue to contribute to strengthening security in the region, on the African continent and in the world, as well as participating in humanitarian actions on the continent.

As Cape Verde is located in an African region, still with “great instability”, marked by countries with constitutional ruptures, in addition to other threats such as terrorism and national disasters”. Among other environmental signs, José Maria Neves said that the FA has a wide role, and at the level of the African continent plays a very important role for peace, stability and development of the region and the continent.


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