Head of Government confirms quarterly meetings with opposition leader

Praia, June 19 (Inforpress) – The Prime minister has confirmed on his Facebook page that will have quarterly meetings with opposition leader Janira Hopffer Almada to agree on important matters about the country and whose approval in Parliament requirestwo-thirds majority.

Ulisses Correia e Silva cited as examples of issues that require two-thirds majority  the constitutional revision, the regionalization of the Electoral Code, among other “structural issues at the State level.

Speaking to the press, the president of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV-opposition party) said that it is “important” that there should be a “regular dialogue with the president of the MpD (Moviment for Democracy) and head of the Government to be able to draw “prior understandings on structuring matters” and “fundamental for the future of the country.”

The Cabo Verde’s foreign policy was also the subject of a meeting between the opposition leader and the chief of the executive.


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