Graça Sanches, winner of the 2017 West African Youth Award, is proud of herself and the country


Praia, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – The former MP and president of the Network of Women Parliamentarians, Graça Sanches was honored with the “West African Youth Award 2017” award, which will be awarded this Sunday, 13, in Lagos, Nigeria.

In statements to Inforpress, Graça Sanches says “proud”, since it is the second time she is recognized at the African level, which “gives her more strength to continue with her work,” she stressed.

In 2016, Graça Sanches won the “Pan-African Humanitarian Award for Gender Equality and Advocacy 2016”, for her work as the president of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of Cabo Verde (RMP-CV).

“I was pleased to learn that a country as small as ours in the midst of many countries in West Africa and above all speaking a language that is a minority in the group of countries is recognized for my work,” she rejoiced.





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