Graça Machel says families and communities need to work to achieve gender equality

Praia, Sep 13 (Inforpress) – Political and social activist Graça Machel said Monday that there is still much more work to be done at the level of families, communities and local bodies to achieve gender equality at all levels.

The finding was made on the sidelines of a motivational conversation about “The challenges of female leadership and the potentiation of the Cabo Verdeans contribution to the transformation of the country”, promoted by the Pedro Pires Institute, in Praia, on the day that Amílcar Cabral would be 98 years old if he was alive.

For Graça Machel, the dialogue on gender equality in Cabo Verde is much debated in the political space, and from the situation she witnessed in Mozambique or even South Africa, she stressed that a “great effort” needs to be made to bring about this dialogue, this demand for transformation in human relations, so that one can understand the value of every human being regardless of being a woman or man.

“We have to approach a space where it is not women that have to go up to where men are. Men also have to come down and we are in the middle, that’s what’s called gender,” she said, stressing that this transformation has to be done on both sides, but at all levels.



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