Government will prepare a report on implementation of Catholic Religious Moral Education in schools

Mindelo, Apr 27 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Education said Tuesday in Mindelo, that his ministry will prepare a report on the implementation of the Catholic Religious Moral Education (EMRC) subject in the schools of the country.

Amadeu Cruz was speaking to the press on the sidelines of his participation in the panel on “Cabo ‘human’ Verde “hope”: ethics, education and ecology, from idiocratic lethargy to the ethics of responsibility” in the framework of the IV Theological Week to run until this Wednesday in the city of Mindelo.

“We will prepare a report on the implementation of this subject, but what we can point out is that we have had a normal dialogue with the Catholic Church, with the two dioceses of the country,” the Minister said.

The talks go towards the implementation of a subject that can be “comprehensive, welcome Christians and non-Christians”, and can provide civic training for citizenship and the country to have young people “more committed” to the Cabo Verde values.



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